Max. Movement Studies

What is dance? Dance is an expression told through body language, a medium where stories can be told, feelings conveyed, and statements made. Dance is product of indescribable physical and mental power. It is a lifetime of a hard work, a constant process of self-development.

Memory is valuable for both dancers and photographers. Photographers make memories by documenting, and dancers capture moments through physical memories. The qualities that photography and movement represent capture the essence of dance, allowing documentation of a unique moment, which holds a fraction in time.

Shot by Den Gladkov, Max. Movement studies, the project contains portraits of Maxim Sevagin, an emerging Russian ballet dancer, choreographer, and soloist at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Music Theatre.

Photography & styling : Den Gladkov 
Grooming : Olga Gritsenko 
Hair : Yana Khalaimova  
Assistant : Lyubov Raspopova